Thank you for making my first year at Global Ties so memorable. Leading this organization is an invigorating opportunity, and I feel deeply privileged to be part of this remarkable community of professionals so devoted to making the world smaller and better.

I’d like to share with you some highlights of what we've recently accomplished, and outline our goals for 2019. I think you’ll be proud of our progress!


Emerging Leaders
In January we welcomed 19 Emerging Leaders – America's brightest young talent in the international exchanges field – for a week-long professional development program in Washington, DC. This was our eighth cohort, who join an astounding alumni network of 150+ globally minded professionals. 

I’m delighted to share that thanks to the generosity of our donor community, our dream to expand the program through continuous, year-round learning is now a reality! Kicking off this spring is a series of virtual and in-person trainings to continue advancing their professionals skills, and ensure that ideas and connections made in January continue to flourish. I'm thrilled to see this program grow, and want to recognize the many individuals, including Al and Sharon Durtka, Lawrence Chastang, Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor, and Judy Donner who generously support and make this success possible. 

Advocating for International Exchanges
We introduced new resources to help the Global Ties Network engage their Members of Congress on the value and impact of international exchange programs. I was incredibly proud to co-lead a workshop on Capitol Hill with our newest Board Member, Robin Lerner, highlighting our Network’s impact on America’s economy and national security. As you can see in our latest Impact Reports, our members collectively turned $8 million in federal funding into $80 million – resources that stay in the U.S. and support local business and communities! I encourage you to stay in touch with your local representatives to help build public awareness about the exchange impact on U.S. communities and citizens. Your voice is a critical endorsement of our collective mission and work.


Community Impact
The Global Ties Network is an exceptional community of 40,000+ exchange professionals who undeniably enrich and expand American civic life, education, and commercial opportunities. Their impact was highlighted at our 2019 National Meeting, which convened 1,000 exchange practitioners, policymakers, and opinion leaders from the public and private sectors to explore issues facing different regions and examine how exchange programs benefit communities locally and globally. I look forward to continuing these conversations at our Diplomacy Begins Here Summits, co-hosted by our members in cities across the U.S. Stay tuned for the 2019 Summit dates and cities!

We have ambitious plans to continue strengthening our Network and empowering the next generation of exchange professionals, but we can’t do this without you. I hope you'll join me in supporting the Global Ties Network today with a gift to enrich our Emerging Leaders Program, advocacy work, and this uniquely remarkable community.  Our current and future success is ensured by your active involvement and financial support.

Thank you again for the warm welcome and ongoing inspiration during my first year as President and CEO of Global Ties.

With deep appreciation,

Katherine Brown, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Global Ties

About the Global Ties Foundation
The Global Ties Foundation is the charitable arm of Global Ties U.S., and shares the same vision—a peaceful, prosperous world where individuals build enduring relationships through international exchange. If you share this vision too, please contribute today. Donations made to Global Ties are tax deductible as allowed by U.S. law.


Emerging Leaders Program

Today’s young leaders are tomorrow’s change makers.  The Emerging Leaders Program provides young leaders in public diplomacy and international exchange with professional development opportunities to open doors to lasting relationships that will help tackle our biggest global challenges and shape the future of our world.

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Meet America Program

Preparing international students for the global job market.  Meet America provides participants with targeted career development activities that are tailored to their career interests. The program helps students build their professional profiles and make connections with the leaders and communities of their field.



Strategic Dialogue Series

Connecting policymakers and exchange professionals.  The Strategic Dialogue brings together leaders from the public, private, civil society and academic sectors to explore current affairs through the lens of public diplomacy and international exchange.