Gloger-Griffin ExchangeMaker Fund

Meredith & Gordon have tremendous track records as change makers through their international service careers. Meredith, specifically, has focused her talents on the field of public diplomacy, where she has excelled in making connections between Americans and the world, helping people drive positive change in their local communities. The Global Ties Foundation is deeply honored to be supported by Meredith & Gordon’s community through this Exchangemaker Fund.  

The Global Ties Foundation is the charitable arm of Global Ties U.S., a nonprofit partner of the U.S. Department of State with 50+ years of experience sustaining international exchange initiatives. We share the same vision: a peaceful, prosperous world where individuals build enduring relationships through international exchange.

At Global Ties, we believe that public diplomacy and international exchanges are critical to global stability, security, and prosperity. Global Ties is a member organization powered by the world’s largest and oldest network of citizen diplomats. We rely on the skills and commitments of our 120+ nonprofit local partners to support exchange programs throughout all 50 U.S. states and more than 40 countries abroad. From California to Tennessee, the Global Ties Network of 108 U.S.-based members, 24 international members, and 40,000+ volunteers, welcome more than 5,000 international visitors into their homes and communities each year.  

Thank you for sharing your global family with ours. Your donation helps us build stronger communities, strengthen America's global ties, and empower the next generation of citizen diplomats to drive change forward. 

All donations help support the development of international exchange initiatives and programs. Donate today by clicking the button below or scroll down to learn more about some of our work.


Emerging Leaders Initiative

Today’s young leaders are tomorrow’s change makers.  The Emerging Leaders Initiative provides young leaders in public diplomacy and international exchange with professional development opportunities to open doors to lasting relationships that will help tackle our biggest global challenges and shape the future of our world.

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Meet America Program

Preparing international students for the global job market.  Meet America provides participants with targeted career development activities that are tailored to their career interests. The program helps students build their professional profiles and make connections with the leaders and communities of their field.



Strategic Dialogue Series

Connecting policymakers and exchange professionals.  The Strategic Dialogue brings together leaders from the public, private, civil society and academic sectors to explore current affairs through the lens of public diplomacy and international exchange.

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